Night Out for Prep Raises $40K+ for Prep’s Programs

Nearly 300 Prep supporters, alumni, and friends came to celebrate Night Out for Prep on November 10th at The High Line Hotel. The event raised more than $40,000 for Prep’s education and leadership development programs. With music by alum DJs Angilique Coleman (XXV) and Andrenne Coleman (XXV) of Angel+Dren, guests enjoyed a lively night with dancing, drinks, and competitive bidding at the silent auction. Guests also watched a short video of Prep for Prep’s impact on one student’s journey from public school in Brooklyn to graduation at Yale. 

A special thank you to the Associates Council and alumni members of Night Out for Prep’s Host Committee: Courtney Archer-Buckmire (XV), Vaughn Caldon (XI), Indra Chandra, Chhay Chhun (XIV), Andrea De Leon (XXVI), Erin Dillard, Adam Goldstein, Lewis Hart, Natalie Swaby Hutchinson (XIV), Matthew Kann, Jonathan Kohana, Clement Kwan, Mark Lewis, Natasha Rivera (XXV), Gaby Santana (XXII), and Mat Van Alstyne.

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