Council of the Alumni Association: Election Results

We are pleased to welcome six new members to the Council of the Alumni Association.
Prep for Prep’s Alumni Affairs team recently concluded Alumni Association elections. With 13 strong contenders, we were thrilled to have alums from a range of backgrounds, professions, and contingents represented on the ballot and involve alumni from all decades in the decision-making process. 

Three members were elected by popular vote and three were appointed by the Board’s Alumni Affairs Committee, comprised of both alum and non-alum Trustees and Associates Council members. Please join us in warmly welcoming to the Alumni Council:

  • Amanda Boston (XXII)
  • Roland Persaud (LA II)
  • Natasha Rivera (XXV)
  • Lovey Roundtree Oliff (P9 VI)
  • Raymond Walker (P9 I)
  • Braxton Winston (P9 X)

“Joining the Prep Community was, by far, the most pivotal decision of my life, setting me on a path to success and propelling me toward a lifelong pursuit of leadership,” said Roland Persaud (LA II). “I’m ready to work on behalf of all current alumni and future generations of leaders. Now, let’s have some fun!” 

For some, joining the Alumni Council is a way to stay connected to Prep and be a voice for communities outside New York: “Having moved away from New York City over 10 years ago, I’ve really missed my frequent interactions with the Prep Community,” said Lovey Roundtree Oliff (P9 VI). “I am beyond pleased to be brought back into the mix in this wonderful way with such a strong and talented group of fellow alumni. Peace, Love, Prep for Life!” 

They join current Alumni Council members Leslie-Bernard Joseph (P9 XI), President; Akilah Crichlow (XXII), Imani Dawson (IX), Francisco Estrada (IX), Chair, Personal & Professional Development; Renata Henry (XXII), Chair, Fundraising; and Yvonne Morel (XXVIII), Chair, Community Engagement. We look forward to working closely with the entire group to further enhance alumni engagement with each other and with Prep, and encourage a culture of giving back to the Prep Community.
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