The Admissions Application and First Level Testing for 2016-2017 is now closed.

Thank you for your interest in Prep for Prep. Below is an overview of our application process, which varies depending on grade level. 

Prep for Prep is the nation’s foremost program for academically gifted African-American, Latino, and Asian-American students. We place our students in New York’s independent day and boarding schools, which provide scholarships that fully meet every family’s financial need. We also offer our students life-changing opportunities, great activities, and support from middle school all the way through college. Prep charges no tuition for its services.
Application Process
Step 1: Verifying Eligibility
Timeline: Fall-Winter
Review the nomination criteria for 5th and 6th grade or 7th grade.

Step 2: First Level Session
Timeline: Fall-Winter
Parent Information Session & First Level Exam - Prior to the meeting, parents fill out an application (a link to the application will be sent with the meeting invite) and testing consent form. During the meeting parents learn more about our program and selection process while students take a 3.5 hour exam. 

Step 3: Second Level
Timeline: Winter-Spring
Students with qualifying scores on The First Level Exam are notified of moving on to Second Level and asked to submit required documents online.

Step 4: Individual Testing and Interviews
Timeline: Winter-Spring
Some of the students that submit all documents are invited to continue the process and return for individual educational testing and interviews.

Step 5: Notification
Timeline: May-June
Families are notified whether their child will be offered a place in the program.
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