100 Black Men of Seattle – National 
All ages
The 100 Black Men of America trains its members, who are all volunteers, using a curriculum entitled Mentoring the 100 Way, which stresses the long term commitment required and teaches effective and innovative mentoring concepts. The 100 Black Men has expanded over the decades from classroom and school-based mentoring programs to community mentoring and to deploying our mentoring concept in schools run by the 100. While improving educational achievement is a significant goal of our mentoring efforts, Mentoring the 100 Way focuses on developing our mentees from elementary school to career.

A Better Chance – National *
Grades: 4-9
A Better Chance seeks to increase substantially the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society. This is done by facilitating their entry into independent college preparatory schools. Through its network of member schools, A Better Chance is able to leverage an estimated $20+ million per year in financial aid for talented, economically disadvantaged youth of color. More than 96% of A Better Chance's graduates go on to college directly after high school, a majority entering our country's most selective colleges.

A PLUS Youth Program
Grades: 4-12
The mission of the A PLUS Youth Program is to use sports as a vehicle to provide the educational resources and character development necessary for student-athletes to succeed in life. The A PLUS Youth Program is an after school program which includes academic case management, tutoring, and sports skill development.

Arts Corps
Ages: 5-19
Arts Corps is a leading non-profit arts education organization dedicated to developing creative habits of mind in young people. Based in Seattle, Washington, Arts Corps bring hands-on arts classes to youth with little or no other access to arts learning opportunities, predominately children in low-income communities of color.

Boys and Girls Clubs – National
All Ages
Boys & Girls Clubs are a safe place to learn and grow all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence. Our Clubs serve millions of boys and girls, with thousands of Clubs at locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Programming are in the areas of: Education & Career Programs; Character & Leadership Programs; Health & Life Skills; The Arts Programs; Sports, Fitness and Recreation; and Specialized Programs.

College Success Foundation
Grades: 7-12
We provide a unique integrated system of supports and scholarships for underserved, low-income students to finish high school, graduate from college and succeed in life. The CSF model provides a pipeline of supports beginning in 7th grade and continuing through college completion and initial employment. CSF helps students successfully navigate the critical transition from middle to high school. At other levels, emphasis is on the 9th to 10th grade transition, the high school to college transition, the first to second year persistence in postsecondary programs and degree completion to employment and career. In addition we manage a variety of scholarship programs to ease the financial burden of attending college.

Education Access Network
Grades: 6-12
The mission of Education Access Network ("EAN") is to provide students with free and affordable access to courses and programs aimed at helping them prepare for and succeed in higher education and other academic endeavors. Education Access Network currently offers courses and programs to highly motivated students in middle school or above and are usually held at the University of Washington campus. In addition, EAN also offers individualized options, community-based workshops, courses, and programs at community centers, schools, and other colleges and universities.

El Centro de la Raza
All ages
El Centro de la Raza is a voice and a hub for Seattle and Martin Luther King, Jr. County’s Latino community as we advocate on behalf of our people and work to achieve social justice. Our Child and Youth Programs are an investment in our children and their future. We provide an array of bilingual and multicultural services, including bilingual childcare, afterschool mentoring and tutoring, and weekly workshops dealing with complex subjects of Latino history, race, hip hop and the arts as a medium for social change and community activism within the Seattle Public Schools.

Friends of the Children
Ages: 5-18
We identify vulnerable children in kindergarten and pair them with a consistent, long-term, professional mentor called a Friend who spends at least four hours with them every single week until they graduate from high school. Friends engage in a wide variety of activities with the children to foster their school success, enhance their emotional and physical health, and expose them to new places and experiences.

Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars
Grades: 5-12
The mission of the Halbert and Nancy Robinson Center for Young Scholars (RC) at the University of Washington is threefold: teaching, research, and service. The RC is a leader in the nation for developing programs that serve highly capable young pre-college and college students. Through early entrance programs we prepare younger students for college and provide them with challenging, accelerated learning opportunities in a vibrant, intellectual community at the University of Washington. We also provide outreach through enrichment and summer programs that offer classes for highly capable Puget Sound students.

Inspire Youth Project 
All ages
Formerly Rise n’ Shine – the mission of Inspire Youth Project is to provide the missing social and emotional links for at-risk children. We do this through peer support, mentorship, Camp Rise n' Shine, and teen workshops.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation
Grades: 7-12
The Young Scholars Program provides the most personalized, generous scholarship experience in the nation. The Foundation works closely with Scholars and their families to construct a tailored educational program that includes, but is not limited to, support for summer programs, distance learning courses, and music and art instruction. Some Young Scholars attend a private school if none of their public school options adequately serve their academic potential; however, many stay in their public schools.

Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP)
Grades: 8
The Lakeside Educational Enrichment Program (LEEP) is designed to stimulate the intellectual curiosity of the participants, show them how enjoyable learning can be, and help them understand they can achieve more than they ever thought possible. The program’s aim is to boost students to higher achievement during the summer and later in their school life. This free program runs for six weeks every summer.

Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)
Grades: K-12
In MESA, African-American, Native American, Latino and female students prepare for college in mathematics, engineering, and science, beginning in elementary school, and continuing through high school. MESA supports students, teachers, and parents with innovative, hands-on programs and opportunities. MESA services include MESA enriched math and science classes, after school and summer programs, pre-college advising and support, participation in national engineering conferences, local, state and national competitions, internships with local businesses and research centers, role models and mentors, parent workshops and field trips, teacher professional development, and integrated science and math curriculum.

Rainier Scholars 
Grades: 1-12
Each spring, we invite 60 promising students of color to embark on an 11-year, life-changing journey. It demands hard work and commitment. In exchange, it offers invaluable opportunity. The 11-year program model is divided in four distinct phases – Academic Enrichment, Academic Counseling and Support, Leadership Development and College Support.

Reel Grrls
Ages: 9-21
Reel Grrls is the premier year-round media-training program for girls. At Reel Grrls, girls ages 9 – 21 learn production skills through hands-on workshops and classes taught by female media professionals and educators. Since 2001, over 1000 students have participated in Reel Grrls programs and Reel Grrls media have been honored in more than 90 film festivals globally.

Seattle Police Department Youth Outreach
Ages: 13-21
Seattle Police participates in numerous opportunities to continually build their connection with young people with programs and services. Senior commanders also serve on the Mayor’s Youth Commission to meet with young leaders and discuss police programs and policies.

Technology Access Foundation (TAF)
Grades: 1-12
Technology Access Foundation (TAF) was founded in 1996 to help reduce the opportunity gap in education and bring more youth of color to STEM-related disciplines and careers. Today, TAF is a valued partner with public education offering two programs: STEM Up, an after-school academic enrichment program that strengthens students’ academic and life skills and helps them get ready for college early, and TAF Academy, an award winning, 6th-12th grade partner school model, meaning it’s co-managed by TAF and the school district where the school is located. Lessons combine STEM, humanities and the arts, and some are even taught by STEM professionals.

Treehouse for Kids 
All ages
Treehouse is the only agency in King County that provides youth in foster care with the essential and academic supports they equally deserve to help them graduate at the same rate as their peers with a plan for their future. We support youth in foster care through an integrated, research-based service delivery model that fuses our longstanding programs providing material and educational support, and opportunities for extracurricular engagement to ensure our kids are receiving the most comprehensive support possible.

UW Summer Youth Programs
Grades: K-12
Integrating the vast resources of the University of Washington, Summer Youth Programs deliver an academically rich curriculum offered in a fun, safe learning environment. Classes are led by highly qualified and experienced instructors who engage students in fun and innovative ways.

Youth in Focus
Ages: 13-19
Youth in Focus’s mission is to empower urban youth, through photography, to experience their world in new ways and to make positive choices for their lives. We put cameras in the hands of low income, at-risk youth and place them in a challenging environment surrounded by high quality talented teachers, nurturing adult volunteer mentors, and create a strong community of support.
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We envision a nation guided by ethical and effective leaders that reflect our diverse society. 

Prep for Prep's mission is to develop future leaders by creating access for young people of color to first-rate educational, leadership development and professional opportunities.