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In addition to monitoring our students’ academic progress, Prep for Prep works with independent schools and colleges to advocate for the social, emotional, and mental health of our students. If you are seeking extra support from Prep, speak with your child’s Post-Placement Counselor or Undergraduate Affairs Officer for referrals to consult with our mental health staff so they can assist you with securing the appropriate services. Our licensed clinical support staff also help Prep families by regularly facilitating parent support groups on different topics impacting their children.

Every month, this page will include specific resources centered around a relevant topic in the Prep Community. This month, we hope to better understand the trauma we are experiencing, and how we can take care of ourselves and our loved ones. For more information on how Prep for Prep is responding to the pandemic and resources related to COVID-19, visit our web page here

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  • Back to School Planning

    Checklists to help parents and guardians prepare for in-person or at-home learning. Read more.
  • Grief and COVID-19

    Mourning our bygone lives: how to heal from the series of losses caused by the pandemic. Read more.
  • Mental Health Apps

    A list of mental health apps covering categories like mindfulness, self-help, and professional support. Read more.
Previously Featured
Conversations on Race and Seeking Mental Health Care 

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  • Effects of Racism on Mental Health

    The link between experiences of racism and strength and anxiety for Black Americans. Read more.
  • Identity and Cultural Dimensions

    Bringing culture and identity into the conversation of mental health and mental health care. Read more.
  • A Guide to Understanding Everyday Bias

    A discussion guide and action steps to understanding and raising awareness of everyday biases. Read more.
"Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable," a TED Talk with Luvvie Ajayi
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