Prep for Prep Milestones

We invite you to join us on Prep for Prep's journey and look back at milestones accomplished in over four decades of the organization's history! Many trailblazing students, alumni, faculty, staff, and board members made this journey possible for the over 5,000 members of today's Prep for Prep Community. Thank you for your courage and commitment. 

Suggest a milestone: This page is a work in progress, and we'd love to hear from our community. Would you like to share a Prep for Prep organizational milestone for consideration? Please email us at

Additional Materials

Alumni Prize Recipients:
List as of Fall 2020
Telegraph, February 1987:
Launch of PREP 9
Telegraph, March 1988: 
Launch of Leadership Development Program 
Telegraph, March 2001:
Launch of NYMRLA
    • Frankie Cruz and Prep for Prep Advisors, 1985

    • Lilac Ball, 1999

    • PREP 9 25th Reunion

    • Prep for Prep's CEO Ruth Jurgensen

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We envision a nation guided by ethical and effective leaders that reflect our diverse society. 

Prep for Prep's mission is to develop future leaders by creating access for young people of color to first-rate educational, leadership development and professional opportunities.