College Guidance

Prep for Prep’s College Guidance team helps our families navigate every step of the college application process. We build strong relationships with undergraduate admissions offices, as well as with the college counselors at our partner independent schools, to work most effectively on behalf of our students. We assist students in finding the best fit and match to develop a balanced college list and encourage them to explore colleges where they have the greatest chance of having their full demonstrated financial need met.

Rifat Islam (XXXV/Collegiate '19, Yale '23)

Thank you for guiding my family step by step through this daunting college process. I never dreamed that someone from my background could attend colleges like these, but Prep for Prep made it possible for me. I feel humbled and proud to have such wonderful choices before me.
College Guidance Services include:

  • Advocacy with Colleges on Behalf of Students and Families
  • College Planning Meetings
  • Day Trips and Weeklong Overnight College Trips
  • Essay Writing Workshops
  • Financial Aid Workshops
  • Standardized Testing Preparation
  • Summer College Panels

Most Attended Colleges*

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*Number of currently enrolled students and graduates as of October 2019
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