New Jersey

Grades: 4–12                    
The primary goal of the 21st CCLC Program is to supplement the education of children who attend low-performing schools and live in high-poverty areas with academic, artistic, and cultural enrichment during out-of-school time hours, so that they may attain the skills necessary to meet state core curriculum content standards. In addition, the centers must offer literacy and other educational services to the families of the participating students.
A Better Chance – National *     
Grades: 4–9                       
A Better Chance seeks to increase substantially the number of well-educated young people of color who are capable of assuming positions of responsibility and leadership in American society. This is done by facilitating their entry into independent college preparatory schools. Through its network of member schools, A Better Chance is able to leverage an estimated $20+ million per year in financial aid for talented, economically disadvantaged youth of color. More than 96% of A Better Chance's graduates go on to college directly after high school, a majority entering our country's most selective colleges.
Grades: 6–College
The Academic Foundations Center (AFC), which is comprised of Undergraduate Support Programs and the Institute for Pre-College Education and Community Outreach (IPECO), provides academic and service programs that ensure the academic success of students ranging from the sixth grade through college graduation. AFC combines strong instruction and tutorial services with the personal, financial, and career counseling support necessary for academic and social advancement. These features are integral to the success of our students.
Grades: 6–12                    
The Academy at Rutgers for Girls in Engineering and Technology (TARGET) is a summer program designed for middle school and high school girls to increase awareness and familiarize them with career opportunities within engineering. The objective of the program is to eradicate the negative stereotypes commonly associated with women’s ability to pursue careers in math- and science- related fields. Program mentors and faculty members facilitate workshops, hands-on activities, labs, and projects for the duration of the program in hopes of creating an insightful, exciting opportunity for young girls to learn more about the many different engineering disciplines.

Ages: 4–17
Art in Motion, Inc is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization focused on helping the youth explore their passion for the arts. AIM INC. serves inner-city youth ages 4–17, their families, and their communities. Our mission is to help inner-city youth build character through the exploration of the arts, leadership, and community service. Currently, we provide programs in Arts & Literacy; Dance & Theater; & Urban Arts, such as DJ'ing & Breakdancing. At AIM INC, we hope to provide additional programs in the arts as our organization grows.
All Ages
Boys & Girls Clubs are a safe place to learn and grow all while having fun. It is the place where great futures are started each and every day. Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging, and influence. Our Clubs serve millions of boys and girls, with thousands of Clubs at locations in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Programming are in the areas of: Education & Career Programs; Character & Leadership Programs; Health & Life Skills; The Arts Programs; Sports, Fitness and Recreation; and Specialized Programs.
Grades: K–12                    
The Center for Pre-College Programs at New Jersey Institute of Technology gives pre-college students the chance to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and to experience the relationship between these subjects and their applications to everyday life. Students experience a genuine college classroom environment, with tough courses to challenge their young minds. This could reinforce the curriculum from high school as well as improve one's skills.
Grades: 8–12                    
The Community And Urban Science Enrichment Program (CAUSE) program is designed to address the needs of under-represented minorities in the science and education workforce and to provide quality science education through early intervention to under-served youth K–12. Briefly described, the CAUSE program trains high school youth in marine science and biology to prepare them for paid employment as Academy "CAUSE Interns," in jobs as "exhibit interpreters" on the Aquarium floor and as educators and mentors for youngsters K–8 in the afterschool Ecology Clubs, Science Summer Camps, and 8th grade Explorer Program.
Grades: PreK–12                             
The Garden State Girls STEM Collaborative Project brings together organizations throughout the state of New Jersey that are committed to informing and motivating girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).
Grades: 6–18    
Girls Incorporated of Greater Philadelphia & Southern New Jersey provides programs to help all girls develop the skills and tools to become women who are strong, smart, and bold. Our research-based and developmentally appropriate programs empower girls to think critically about situations, and to use problem solving techniques to produce the best outcomes for themselves and their community. Our programs address every area of a girl's life.
Grades: K–12                    
Goodwill's Youth programs serve more than 12,000 children and families annually. Youth Programs incorporate both academic and recreational enrichment activities to ensure a positive learning experience designed to help young people reach their personal and academic goals. We provide a myriad of activities, which include tutoring, homework help, math and science enrichment, sports, the arts, and educational trips. For older youth, internships and on-the-job experiences, along with the connection to caring adult mentors, helps empower them and transition successfully from school to the workforce.
Grades: K–8      
The Horizons National Student Enrichment Program is an organization that links independent schools with nearby public schools in their communities. Each summer, Horizons offers a six-week academic, cultural, and recreational enrichment program to at-risk students from a diverse, low-income population. Our students are in grades K–8 and live primarily in the Red Bank, NJ, area.
"I Have a Dream" Newark – National     
Grades: K–12                    
The mission of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation is to motivate and empower children living in low-income communities to reach their education and career potential by providing a long-term program of academic support, mentoring, enrichment, and tuition assistance for higher education.
Grades: 6–12                    
The Institute for Pre-College Education and Community Outreach (IPECO) has taken a leading role on the Newark campus in reaching out to the community with collaborative programs designed to serve the needs and aspirations of students in Newark and surrounding communities. The IPECO serves approximately 400 urban students through a broad array of summer, after-school, and Saturday programs using a wide variety of teaching strategies, including special course content areas, summer enrichment, tutoring, counseling, peer and adult mentoring, college visits, parental involvement, and cultural site visits.
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation – National                
Grades: 7–12                    
The Young Scholars Program provides the most personalized, generous scholarship experience in the nation. The Foundation works closely with Scholars and their families to construct a tailored educational program that includes, but is not limited to, support for summer programs, distance learning courses, and music and art instruction. Some Young Scholars attend a private school if none of their public school options adequately serve their academic potential; however, many stay in their public schools
Jumpstart Tristate – National     
Grades: PreK                    
Jumpstart’s research-based, cost-effective program trains college students and community volunteers to serve preschool-age children in low-income neighborhoods. Through our proven curriculum, these children develop the language and literacy skills they need to be ready for school, setting them on the path for lifelong success.

Grades: 1–12                    
As an organization that is dedicated to serving its community, an important component of Mercer County Community College's mission is to offer a program of cultural activities that contributes to the cultural and aesthetic life of the community. MCCC offers: summer camps, pre-college programs, and sports leagues.
Grades: 6–8                       
Minding Our Business (M.O.B.) is a community outreach program of Rider University College of Business Administration. The purpose of Minding Our Business is to advance the personal and vocational development of Trenton youth through entrepreneurship education and mentoring. Minding Our Business operates three programs: the Service Learning Program, the Summer Program, and the Advanced Program. Since 1997, MOB has trained and mentored more than 1300 Trenton middle school students, ages 11–14, in starting and running their own businesses.
Grades: K–11
Established in 1981, Montclair State University's Gifted & Talented program provides engaging courses designed to meet the unique intellectual and social needs of high-ability students. Gifted students in grades K-11 have an opportunity to enroll in courses delivered over nine weekends in the fall and spring, as well as a six-week summer camp. 
Grades: 1–College
Welcome to New City Kids–a non-profit in Jersey City, NJ. Our mission is “Loving kids for change to create a community of academic, leadership, musical, and spiritual development.” At New City 50+ teens are trained to lead two after school centers, a summer camp, and a sailing school.  While each of these teen-led programs are carefully structured to bring academic, musical, leadership, and spiritual development to elementary age children, the act of leading them brings a whole different level of transformation to the teens.

Grades: 8–12                    
The New Jersey Law Education Empowerment Project (NJ LEEP) is a community-based organization that empowers urban youth in grades eight to twelve from under-served neighborhoods in northern New Jersey to perform at high academic levels by building skills through law-related, mathematic, and other educational programs, developing the habits necessary for lasting success and community leadership, and offering exposure to role models who have achieved academic and professional success.
Grades: 5–12                    
NJ SEEDS identifies and selects scholars at three different points along their educational trajectory and has developed three distinct academic programs to meet their needs. Each program – Scholars, Young Scholars and College Preparatory – is designed to rapidly build the critical thinking skills and knowledge base that will allow students to thrive in far more challenging school environments than those from which they come.
Grades: 6–12    
Community House is committed to closing the minority achievement gap in Princeton by providing programs that bolster early childhood literacy, promote the mastery of fundamental academic skills, and create early awareness of post-secondary opportunities for under-served minority youth. Through collaborative partnerships with the Princeton Regional Schools and other local agencies, Community House works to ensure that these students are able to realize their academic dreams.
Grades: 7–12                    
Each year, the Rutgers Future Scholars program introduces 200 first-generation, low-income and academically promising middle school students from school districts in our four Rutgers home communities of New Brunswick, Piscataway, Newark, and Camden to the promise and opportunities of a college education. The program has multiple-year components, each building on the foundation of the previous year. Beginning in the summer preceding their 8th grade year, student participants become part of a unique pre-college culture of university programming, events, support, and mentoring that will continue through their high school years, and eventually college.
Grades: 6–12                    
Science Medicine and Related Topics (SMART) is a pre-college enrichment program designed to cultivate students’ interest in health science and research, culminating in enhanced competitiveness and expansion of the pool of under-represented minority students interested in pursuing health-related professions. The program focuses on youth development and academic excellence and provides opportunities to students in grades 7–12 to gain the knowledge and experiences necessary to maximize their potential for success.

Grades: 6–12                    
Founded in September 1999, StreetSquash is a comprehensive youth enrichment program that combines academic tutoring, squash instruction, community service, college preparation, leadership development, and mentoring for public school students in Harlem, NY, and Newark, NJ.
Grades: 5–12
Strengthen Teens and Reach Inner-city Vital Environments is a not-for-profit organization geared towards adolescent development serving youth and families throughout the State of New Jersey.  We provide programs and services that improve the future, educational outcome, care, and treatment of at-risk youth, adolescents with or without a disability, and juvenile offenders.  As a community organization, we are dedicated to changing the odds for youth and families through prevention, intervention, education, and advocacy, and through developing and nurturing the leadership, intellectual, and artistic abilities of the youth served. Programming includes: After School Enrichment Program, Supplementary Educational Services, Summer Day Camp, Right Track Diversion Program, and Supportive Employment Services.
Grades: 6–11                    
The mission of the TeenSHARP, Inc. is to provide under-represented students with the quality preparation, advising, resources, and leadership development to attain higher education and leadership opportunities. TeenSHARP’s 10-month college preparatory program equips youth with the skills, knowledge, and high standards necessary for leadership and academic success. The program takes place from September to June each year where participants–organized into two groups, 11–13 year olds and 14–17 year olds–meet twice a month for TeenSHARP sessions. In addition to the interactive sessions, participants complete take-home assignments, engage in experiential learning (college tours, community service, and action research projects), and are given individualized academic advising.
Grades: 6–12
TRIO is a set of federally-funded college opportunity programs that motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree. Talent Search projects serve young people in grades 6 through 12. In addition to counseling, participants receive information about college admissions requirements, scholarships, and various student financial aid programs. Find programs near you by state or district.
Ages: 7–17
TRUE (TRUE Relationships Unearth Excellence) Mentors is a one-to-one mentoring program in Hoboken, NJ. We match children ages 7–17 with a caring adult mentor that helps them unearth their potential through relationships. TRUE Mentors offers classes and programs to explore new ideas and grow.
All Ages
The Urban League of Essex County (ULEC) is a non-profit organization with a proven track record for responsible community building and development. Our mission is to assist disadvantaged urban residents in the achievement of social and economic self-sufficiency. Our vision is social and educational equality for our youth, economic self-sufficiency for adults, safe communities and neighborhoods, civic involvement and responsibility, and racial inclusion.
All Ages
Empowering residents and improving the quality of life in urban communities is the mission of the ULHC and we're "making it happen in Hudson County" by working in partnership with community groups and government and corporate sponsors. With a dedicated staff of professionals, the Urban League provides services in the areas of education, mentorship, economic development, job placement, childcare, family counseling, and programs for seniors. The Education and Youth Development Department works to improve life outcomes and educational opportunity for Hudson County youth through afterschool programs, academic achievement initiatives, mentoring programs, and youth leadership development opportunities.
Grades: K–12
UrbanPromise is dedicated to enriching and empowering young people in Trenton with free afterschool programs and summer camps. Our mission is to equip Trenton's children and young adults with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth, and Christian leadership.

Grades: 7–12    
The Wight Foundation provides opportunities for talented young men and women to achieve academic excellence in a college preparatory boarding school environment. The Foundation fosters the development of each scholar's leadership potential and helps him or her gain confidence to be successful both in and out of the classroom. The Wight Foundation provides grants, based on family income, to attend boarding schools in the New England and Mid-Atlantic Regions.
Grades: 4–8                       
The Women in Engineering and Technology Initiative–FEMME Program is a five-week program designed to provide post-fourth through post-eighth grade girls with opportunities to enhance their mathematics, science, and technological academic achievement, develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and promote self-esteem and self-confidence.
Young Scholars’ Institute            
Grades: K–12                    
Young Scholars’ Institute is a non-profit learning center that provides educational, cultural, and recreational activities for students in grades K–12. Through programs such as one-to-one tutoring, SAT preparatory courses, enrichment classes, college tours, and college admissions workshops, YSI strengthens the basic skills necessary for our students to excel academically and to pursue higher education opportunities.
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We envision a nation guided by ethical and effective leaders that reflect our diverse society. 

Prep for Prep's mission is to develop future leaders by creating access for young people of color to first-rate educational, leadership development and professional opportunities.