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  • March

    Admissions Open Houses Give Prospective Families Insight into the Prep for Prep Journey

    In the 2022-2023 admissions season, the Prep for Prep Admissions team hosted four open houses that included student, parent, alumni, and staff panels to provide a closer look at what we mean when we say, “Prep for Life.”
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  • February

    Prep for Prep’s Annual Celebration of Alumni Leaders Recognizes the Generosity of Our Community

    Prep for Prep staff, alumni, and supporters gathered at Sotheby’s on Tuesday, February 7 to recognize 2022 Alumni Prize recipient Renata G. Henry (XXII/Trinity '06, Penn '11) and celebrate the volunteerism of our alumni leaders.
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  • Kareem Cook (VI) Joins Prep for Prep’s Board of Trustees

    Kareem Cook (VI/Calhoun '90, Duke '94) MBA, Duke '00 is the newest member of Prep for Prep’s Board of Trustees.
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  • Early College Acceptances For Prep's High School Class of 2023

    The high school Class of 2023 has persevered and many have earned early acceptances to colleges around the country. Eighty-five percent of students submitted early applications this year, the highest percentage in Prep history. Please join us in celebrating our seniors!

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  • Sustainable Solutions: New Camp Centers Tech In Addressing Global Challenges

    How are social, environmental, and economic problems manifested across the world and how can technology be used to address these pressing issues? Some of Prep for Prep’s youngest students — rising eighth- and ninth-graders — had an opportunity to explore these questions during the inaugural session of Entrepreneurship Camp, a new Leadership Development Opportunities program that debuted in the summer of 2022.
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  • January

    Near-Peer Mentor Program Builds Community on College Campuses

    The Prep for Prep Undergraduate Affairs team introduced the Near-Peer Mentor Program in the 2021-2022 academic year at Amherst, Cornell, and Yale. The program pairs undergraduate students (mentees), usually in their freshman or sophomore year, with upperclassmen (mentors). 
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    Excellence in Academia: Meet Our Alumni Leaders in Education

    For nearly 45 years, Prep for Prep has proven that access to a quality education can change the trajectory of one’s life. More than 600 alumni who have benefited from the Prep experience are shaping the next generation of learners through their work at primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, and education-related nonprofit organizations. Meet three Prep alumni — José De Jesús (IX), Xiomara Hall (P9 I), and Ramón Javier (XI) — who were appointed to senior leadership positions at independent schools during the 2021-2022 fiscal year and learn how Prep has influenced additional alumni leaders in education.
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  • Nurturing Digital Citizens

    The Covid-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for leveraging technology to enhance Prep for Prep’s programming. Each student received a Prep for Prep email address and Zoom became the virtual meeting platform of choice. Computer science also has been incorporated into the Preparatory Component curriculum, an addition long championed by Dale Allsopp (VII), Ads Responsibility Officer at Google.
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