Prep for Prep Executive Director Publishes Research About Students of Color in Independent Schools

The study examines how students of color navigate educational opportunities and racial conflict at Predominantly White Institutions. 
Prep for Prep is proud to announce that research by our Executive Director Jackson Collins (XII) has been published in the July 2023 volume of Psychology in the Schools. Jackson’s research, conducted with Howard C. Stevenson, examines the experiences of students of color in predominantly White independent schools as they navigate educational opportunities and racial conflict. Using Racial Encounter Coping Appraisal and Socialization Theory, the pair investigated the racial stress and coping experiences of 593 Prep for Prep students. Their work revealed that these students range in their confidence in noticing racial microaggressions in their schools, recasting stressful racial conflicts from “impossible” to “manageable,” and resolving racial tensions by confronting microaggressions. Students with high racial coping self-efficacy are less likely to be impacted by the stress that comes with academic and social experiences.

The article is available at the following link: (Purchase is required if you don't have a Wiley Online Library subscription.)
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