PREP 9 Contingent XXXVI Commencement Celebrates Academic Achievement

After 14 months in the Preparatory Component, students in PREP 9 Contingent XXXVI, their families, and Prep for Prep staff gathered at Congregation Rodeph Sholom to celebrate what students have accomplished in the first chapter of their Prep Journeys.
After 14 months of preparation in the Preparatory Component, our PREP 9 students are ready to enter boarding school. The Prep for Prep Community joined students in PREP 9 Contingent XXXVI at Congregation Rodeph Sholom on August 17, 2023 to celebrate. Student speaker Bailee T. (P9 XXXVI/Choate) said she’ll miss the community, and even the classes, but is excited to begin high school. “Community was so important in PREP 9,” said Bailee in her speech, “because it provided support and comfort for the greatest and smallest things.” She encouraged her classmates to seek out that community at their new boarding schools.

This contingent was tight-knit, dubbed “small but mighty” for its 33 students. They are the first contingent to create a welcome team to greet students and staff every morning before classes–sometimes with a whole dance routine! “You created a culture of kindness that emanated through the hallways of Trinity, Collegiate, and Hotchkiss,” said Director of Academic Programs Niki Smith. 

Excellence, the first word in the Prep for Prep motto, can be used to describe these students, but Akintoye Moses, Director of the PREP 9 Preparatory Component reminded students that Prep is not “asking you to be the most excellent. We are asking you to be the most excellent version of yourselves.”  
The Master of Ceremonies was Ezequiel M. who will be attending Exeter in the fall.

The following are awards received by PREP 9 Contingent XXXVI students:

Honor Roll
Christiana A. (P9 XXXVI/Andover), Emilio B. (P9 XXXVI/Choate), Madeline C. (P9 XXXVI/Loomis Chaffee), Chayyah L. (P9 XXXVI/Exeter), Ezequiel M. (P9 XXXVI/Exeter), Enrique M. (P9 XXXVI/Andover), Mercy O. (P9 XXXVI/Andover), Melissa P-A. (P9 XXXVI/Milton), Alexis R. (P9 XXXVI/Hotchkiss), Bailee T., Ezinne U. (P9 XXXVI/Hotchkiss)

Conrad Fernandez Science Award
Emilio B. and Alexis R.
Frederick Daly English Award
Chayyah L.

Diane Anderson Mathematics Award
Bailee T.

Nikole Smith History Award
Bailee T.

Behanzin Callinder Leadership Award
This award is given in honor of Behanzin “Ben” Callinder (P9 XX/Deerfield '12, Davidson) who was a former PREP 9 advisor. Ben passed away in 2016 and is remembered fondly by all who knew him. This award is given to the student who most embodies the truly unique characteristics that rendered Ben such a special leader, role model, and admired friend.
Melissa P-A. 

Michelle Jones Award
Michele Jones was the first PREP 9 Advisor and the first PREP 9 Post-Placement Counselor.  The recipient of this award is chosen by the students. It is given to a student who, in the eyes of their contingent-mates, best represents the goals and ideals of PREP 9.
Bailee T.

Sabrina Ramirez Award
This award is presented each year at the discretion of the Director to a student whose seriousness of purpose, consistent good nature, and commitment to excellence are most reminiscent of the leading characteristics of Sabrina Ramirez, the first Assistant Director of PREP 9.
Enrique M.

Peter Bordonaro Book Award
This award was founded by PREP 9's Contingent II on the 15th anniversary of their graduation from the Preparatory Component. The award honors the living legacy of PREP 9's second director, Peter Bordonaro. It is given to a student whose dedication to education and ability to affect social justice and enhance meaningful democracy approximates the dedication Peter Bordonaro has shown to those issues through his work at PREP 9.
Ezequiel M.

Tarmla Smalls Award
The Tarmla Small Award is the highest award presented to a student at Commencement. The award is named for Tarmla Small of Contingent II. Tarmla served as an Advisor, Head Advisor, Post-Placement Counselor, and Assistant Director of PREP 9. She is also a recipient of the Prep for Prep Alumni Prize. This award goes to a student who, in the eyes of the faculty and administration, best exemplifies the goals and ideals of the program. The recipient embodies the words of the Prep for Prep motto, has demonstrated leadership in the contingent, and has had a positive influence on their peers.
Bailee T. 

PREP 9 XXXV students have been placed at the following boarding schools:

Choate Rosemary Hall2Middlesex School2
Church Farm School1Milton Academy2
Concord Academy1Phillips Academy Andover3
Dana Hall School1Phillips Exeter Academy3
Deerfield Academy2Pomfret School1
The Hill School2St. Andrew’s School2
The Hotchkiss School4The Taft School1
Loomis Chaffee School1Williston Northampton School1
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