9D Sports
Keith Williams (XVII)
Provide Basketball, Football, and agility training for young athletes
Contact: 9Dsports@gmail.com or (646) 531-5090 

Art by Dee Haze 
Deirdra Hazeley (XVI) 
I draw and paint realistic and abstract portraits in traditional mediums such as pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic, gouache and watercolor. I have completed commissions, special orders, and magazine illustrations for The Brooklyn Museum, ARTs East New York, and Poly Prep Country Day School. I also host art parties and painting classes for all ages. 
Contact: deirdra.hazeley@gmail.com or (347) 350-4122 

ASDT Global
Devon Thompson (XXVI) 
ASDT Global is a social organization comprised of a diverse group of entrepreneurs relating to ourselves as a “Private Shark Tank.” We are dedicated to mentoring others that are aspiring to be entrepreneurs themselves and to ending financial illiteracy. Our group of extremely successful veteran entrepreneurs are highly skilled in the building & development of accelerated high-impact, high-growth, and high-performing assets. We cover various financial topics for individuals, companies, and organizations, ranging from Getting Fiscally Fit, Financial Blunders, Building Assets, Options for Retirement, Solving Debt, and many others. We are looking for brilliant, unusually driven entrepreneurs pursuing audacious visions to tackle global challenges, transform communities or even revolutionize an industry, and are willing to back it up with courageous, consistent and obsessive action. 

CLM Marketing LLC 
Chris McLeod (X) 
Strategic marketing and brand consulting for small businesses 
Contact: chris@chris-mcleod.com or (862) 250-0500 

EZ-Tech Solutions 
Steve Kwizera (P9 XVI) 
We provide Tech troubleshooting services (we fix) and task automation solutions. We provide custom analytics reports. We advise on alternative investment strategy.
Contact: eztechqwin@gmail.com or (646) 820-3789 

Flamtech Appliances Inc. 
Jane Lok (XVIII) 
We provide residential kitchen and laundry appliances to homeowners, landlords, developers, contractors, architects, and designers. We carry an extremely large selection of brands, from budget, mainstream, specialty, imports, to luxury names. 
Contact: manager@flamtech.com or (212) 274-8820 

OpTix Group 
Derrick Gomez (P9 VII) 
OpTix Group is a data science firm that helps companies and investment funds maximize profits and minimize risk by using artificial intelligence to accurately predict future market behavior and correctly determine actionable insights to drive growth. Our technology is developed by an accomplished team of data scientist PhDs and experienced C-level industry executives; financed by Yale University. 
Contact: derrick@optixgroup.com or (323) 205-5212 

other cards 
Rolanda Evelyn (XXVIII) 
other cards is an inclusive greeting card line celebrating events ignored by the mainstream, often neglecting the experiences of women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, and other marginalized groups. The launch collection of six cards acknowledges periods and break ups, honors phenomenal women, and more. 
Contact: forothercards@gmail.com or (718) 737-6308 

Powered by Whim 
Darrien Watson (XXII) 
Powered by Whim is a technology consulting & software development company. We build the custom solutions powering your favorite event ticketing, vacation booking and beauty subscription websites.
Contact: Info@poweredbywhim.com or (212) 498-9761
Repair IT 

Lacarnly Creech (P9 XVI) 
Computing services, support, and consulting. Hardware and software consultation, installation. Virus, Spyware, and Threat mitigation. 
Contact: lcreech@gmail.com 

Renée Russell Residences 
Renée Russell (XI) 
Renée Russell Residences builds on its business acumen, transactional prowess, passion for design, and penchant for problem solving to partner with discerning buyers and sellers to deliver a successful and seamless as possible real estate transaction throughout NYC and New Jersey. With experience across communities, neighborhoods, property types, and price points, Renée Russell Residences offers clients unparalleled insights and truly tailored transaction experience. 
Contact: homes@reneerussellresidences.com or (732) 858-1853

163 West 91st Street
New York, NY 10024
P: 212.579.1470
328 West 71st Street
New York, NY 10023
P: 212.579.1390
Prep for Prep develops ethical and effective leaders who reflect our diverse society for the enduring benefit of all.