2018 Prep and PREP 9 Commencements

We are delighted to welcome 137 new Prep and PREP 9 students into independent schools this fall.
After an intensive 14 months of toil and growth in the Preparatory Component, 85 members of Prep for Prep Contingent XL and 52 members of PREP 9 Contingent XXXI commenced in August and are now attending top independent day schools in New York City and boarding schools across the country.
Prep for Prep Contingent XL celebrated their achievements at Riverside Church. “This nation needs your leadership,” said Prep’s Chief Executive Aileen Hefferren, as she congratulated the students. Special surprises throughout the afternoon helped mark Prep’s 40th Anniversary with Contingent XL. Karen Les Pierre (I), from the original group of Contingent I pioneers, and Ida Thomas (XXXII), a past medal recipient, presented the Les Pierre Medal to two Contingent XL students. Nikole Smith, Director of Academic Programs, announced the Charles Guerrero (V) Foreign Language Award, named in honor of his commitment to the program, as well as his well-known love of travel. Jeffrey Roth, a 40-year veteran of Prep’s faculty, received a huge round of applause when he went on stage to present history book prizes to three students.
Family and friends of PREP 9 Contingent XXXI packed Brick Presbyterian Church to celebrate their Commencement. “I have consistently said two things to you all summer,” said Akintoye Moses, Director of the PREP 9 Preparatory Component. “Do better. And, I believe in you.” The tradition of passing the PREP 9 Book of signatures to the next contingent was enriched this year with alumni representing several decades of PREP 9 coming on stage to pass the book, including Prep for Prep’s Alumni Council President, Leslie-Bernard Joseph (P9 XI).
We can’t wait to see how these 137 students – now part of over 700 at independent schools across the country – become ethical and effective leaders in their schools and communities. Congratulations to all of the students and families!
View photos from Prep XL’s Commencement here.
View photos from PREP 9 XXXI’s Commencement here.
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